Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easy Way to Reduce Calories 18%

Here is an article about eggs that I wanted to share for those of you that do have eggs or egg whites in your diet.

No surprise that protein in the morning helps with hunger, just as fiber to keep you feeling full longer but 18% is a huge!

Also these tips about hard working eyes:

1. Don't forget to blink. People tend to blink less when working at a computer, blink more to prevent dryness and irritation.

2. Your eyes need exercise too. Every 20 minutes or so look at something far away. This relaxes the focusing muscles of the eyes.

3. Give yourself a break. Get up from the computer as often as you can, even if only to stretch and look around briefly.

Yesterdays workout:
30 min Biggest Loser last chance workout
45 min walk inclines

Today's workout:
45 min walk inclines
3 mile run

I am still on my diet, doing pretty good so far. I hope to see some results by next week on week 3 as I am holding at 119-120lbs and feeling good but not "tight". My sugar cravings have consisted of Altoids mints, I think that's helping me out and a few chocolate that bad??? Those darn things are great with coffee, just a handful really!

Lastly I also want to share this inspirational blog today from my good friend Oksana:


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