Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How To Tell Your Dehydrated

If your thirsty, your dehydrated!!! Water, water and more water. You can if needed, add some fresh lemon or lime if you don't like it plain but try to keep it as natural as possible. (Tea does not count as water)

Drinking enough water is essential to good health. Dehydration can cause headaches, constipation, lower back pain and chronic pain in your joints and muscles. WOW!

If you feel thirsty you're already dehydrated....its true, thats your body talking to you telling you what it needs. LISTEN UP!

Healthy people typically meet their fluid intake needs by drinking liquid with every meal and when thirsty, as well as eating fruits and veggies. For me its apples, grapes and plums.

General daily recommendations range from 91 oz for women and 125 oz for men (from food and beverages) but specifics depend on your health, climate and activity level.

Of course when working out you want colder water because it is delivered faster and you should have a drink approximately every 15 minutes of exercise. I can't do without it!

Here is yesterdays and last night class workout. I only had 4 in class so we really got to crank it up!

45 min - Run walk at lunch inclines = 127 cals
30 min - Circuit = 187 cals
Total cals = 314

3 times each circuit = 1 min

Chair tricep dips
Step ups w/kick
Bicep curl w/band
Ball crunch w/weighted ball 6lb (front and obliques)
Kettle bell swings - 12lb
High jogs

Cool down stretch
Downward dog calve
Laying hamstring
Back ball rollers
Shoulder-tricep stretch

Todays workout:

Post workout = I did put this in the blender it was very vanilla-ee, it was not really a smoothie per say since it was minus the banana.

1/2 c vanilla non fat yogurt
1/2 scoop 100% gold standard whey protein (vanilla)
1 tsp olive oil
a SMIDGE of soy light milk

= 1 full cup of delicious energy, yum!

JM 30 Day Shred Level 3 (3-2-1 Strength, cardio and abs)
20 Min workout - 30 Day Shred level 3
WT = 120
Cals burned = ?
Time of workouts = 25 mins

Warm up:
Arm crosses
Backward windmills
Double jump rope
High kick to touches
Butt kicks
Knee circles

Walking planks
Walking planks

Mountain climbers
Sumo squats
Plank pose
Mountain climbers
Sumo squats

Pike crunch
Sissor crunches

DB Cleans – 5lb R
Jumping lunges
DB Cleans – 5lb L
Jumping lunges

Shadow box – 3lb db
Butt kicks – 3lb db
Shadow box – 3lb db
Jumping jacks – 3lb db

Sit ups – straight leg

Travel pushups
Plank w/leg raise rows – 5lb db
Traveling pushups
Plank w/leg raise rows – 5lb db

Jump squats
Rockstar jumps
Jump squats
Rockstar jumps

Side rise plank

Cool down:
Seated split stretch
Standing hamstring



  1. I was so good with drinking water before my holiday, then got out of the routine...now struggling to get back into it, and am slowly, so thanks for the reminder....xx

  2. Heck yeah....WATER is a MUST when I don't drink enough I am tired, and BLOATED! This is what so many people get wrong...water keeps you from bloating! SO many people dont realize they are dehydrated until its too late....best habit ALWAYS have a water bottle with you whereever you go! Just like your purse, wallet, etc..............

    Have a great day chica!