Tuesday, June 30, 2009

P90X Day 60 With 12 Days To Go

Day 60 P90X Extreme Lean

I have had so many things going in my head lately I don't really have a theme to blog about today. I may have a list, because I like lists and they help me gather my thoughts. I have been making these things priorities, however I do feel you have to keep re-aligning your priorities to make progress. Life changes things happen and you need to keep focused on the goal... but there is nothing wrong with changing the direction to get there. Time flies and you have to do what you can when you can with your priorities before its gone.

1. Jabaz Prayer

2. Gratitudes

3. Praise

4. Clean eating

5. Fitness progress

6. Networking

7. Family

8. Foundation

Now in the back of my mind I am thinking about my trip to visit my sister over the holiday. I love my big sis and I can't wait, I hope everyone has something fun planned for the holiday. I will only have 2 days there and 2 days driving but its worth it. One of the reasons its on my mind is because it is just 12 days from my goal and my sister loves to cook. She is from the south and so I will have to really be focused on my diet and NOT let Starbucks or going out to eat get in the way. This will be tough, but I will prevail.

I will have done P90X for a total of 10 weeks for my goal date.

Next is the following Friday the 10th. It is girls night out to celebrate my birthday. So I must stay aware there as well, because I will do my official weigh in on my goal date of Saturday July 11th. That evening I will be having some special dinner so I won't be too concerned after the stats, just going have a nice dessert. I did good over the weekend at the convention, and this week I will be sure to stay as clean as possible as the clock is ticking!

Then my financial goals to start the foundation next month is also on my mind. What I have planned on how to reach that goal, has to be set up so that I will achieve that by age 50. Time waits for no one.

Here is my workout today:

P90X Week 9 day 5 Lean - Phase 3 - P90X DAY 60

Workout - Core Synergistic

Mood - Oh yeah!

Wt - 116.5

Time of workout - 40 minutes

Cals = ?

I increased my weights on these to the 5lb to 10lb

Stacked foot pushups - 15

Banana Roll Boats - 24

Leaning Cresent Lunge - 24 - 5lb db

Squat run w/5lb DB 1 Min

Sphinx pushups - 15

Boats - 15

Low lateral skaters - 30

Lunge reach w/7lb DB - 30

Prison pushups to max - 12

Side hip raise - 12

Squat X Press w/7lb DB - 30

Plank tatarunga runs - 10 sec switch 1 min

Walking pushups - 10

12 days and counting!

Off to get the Rockstar Body..........


  1. Great blog & great job on pushing your limits! Rockstar girl!!!

  2. AMEN Sistah!

    One of my biggest frustrations is hearing people constantly 'falling off the wagon'...

    The reason that you hear that only 3% succeed at whatever is because that 3% is willing to do that extra little bit that the other 97% aren't willing to do: Focus.

    Making a decision, making that decision a priority, and sticking with it is a trait that I'm only just beginning to see the value in and implement in my life.

    I'm so proud of you for all the planning, focusing, and prioritizing you're doing!!