Friday, June 12, 2009

P90X Helped Me Break The 22% Body Fat Barrier!

Today I am STOKED!

I knew I may have some good stats but I was thrilled, yes thrilled to break the 22% body fat barrier! I can't wait to look like this again, GO T. GO!

I think with diet being cleaner and the variety of the P90X workout I got it DONE!

Most of you know I struggle with diet so much, that's hard at this point in my life because I have done so many things with my fitness levels. At the age of 30 was my last great level of fitness, and I did it and completed the goals I set. Now this year, my goal like last year was to get to 19-20% body fat and get ripped. I had many set backs last year, and injuries (my shoulder which I still battle) and personal setbacks, that goal sadly was not completed.

So this year I was on "MISSION POSSIBLE"

I got a trainer/nutritionist Karen Finch

and set my path and goals with her. Even though I have not met her expectations YET, I am going to. Ok, I'm kinda hard headed and I like to eat things that are not so clean, chocolate, skinny cows, lattes and lays chips so she has a constant battle of love and encouragement with me. Its a battle T is willing to WIN. Oh I forgot to mention, I am competitive that's why I enjoy pushing myself so the battle of the clean pantry continues.

5K run tomorrow for a Grantie City Ill church.

I took a practice run of 4 miles last night and if you don't know a 5K is 3.1 miles and I did it in a 10 minute mile. My normal pace is about 10-11 minute mile but the run I do is incline up, decline back so I gain on the down side of the last 2 miles. My last race was at 9.33 per mile, lets hope for nice cool morning weather.

Here is my workout today.
I am started week 7 today, so this is the results of 6 weeks of working it on the P90X program.
P90X Week 7 day 1
This is the last week for phase 2.

Workout - Core Synergistic
Mood - Gonna GET it done!
Wt - 116.5
BF% 21.7
BMI% 20.0
Time of workout = 40 minutes
Cals = ?

I increased my weights on these on the 3lb to 5lb and the 5lb to 7lb, ROCKSTAR STATUS!

Tough, but I did it, and my stats reflect my work. I am very happy to be in the 21% body fat range.

Stacked foot pushups - 15
Banana Roll Boats - 24
Leaning Crescent Lunge - 24 - 5lb db
Squat run w/3lb DB 1 Min
Sphinx pushups - 15
Boats to Bow - 15
Low lateral skaters - 30
Lunge reach w/7lb DB - 30
Prison pushups to max - 12
Side hip raise - 12
Squat X Press w/5lb DB - 30
Plank tatarunga runs - 10 sec switch 1 min
Walking pushups - 20

Off to get the Rockstar Body.........


  1. Whoo hoo!!! Soon you'll be in teen-ville with that BF%!!! I hear Karen is awesome so YAY!

  2. T I am so increidbly proud of you! you are seriously kicking some major butt with p90x and I love hearing your success! So when do we get to see those awesome "progress photos" ;)


  3. I found you here and on Twitter too.. Glad that we can reconnect again.. Miss you.. JJ

  4. I'm late to the party but that's awesome!