Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Are You Gambling With Your Body?

This morning I was getting ready to do my workout and I started thinking about what a minister said... "Are you gambling with your body?"
I heard a minister say this statement referring to christianity but just like all things you gamble with, thinking maybe what you do now won't have a repercussion of your actions. Well unfortunately its not true, if you go for the instant gratification now, you may be putting yourself for some "not so good" down the road. She of course was talking in terms of sins but it fits all areas of life in my opinion.
Whether its about a bad choice ie a gamble, it can have steep consequences. If you don't take care of your "temple" your body now, then how can you expect to have a long lasting healthy life without investing in it?
Invest in yourself, and do something everyday to become more healthy and fit. When you are healthy, you have more energy, think more clearly and feel more confident so invest in YOU because you are worth it. Just take a visit to a retirement center, and you can see the return of investment. Your in charge of your life, roll it in the right direction.
Last night I had a carb attack, and had wheat bread with my pasta. I know it was not a good choice and I came in over last night just as I knew I would. Im just like everyone, I have trouble breaking bad habits and pasta and bread is one of them for me.
Do you have that craving too?
Anyway here is my workout today and I feel pretty good about it. I really like warrior and triangle and I am still struggling with runners pose, shesh that is hard for me and my knees.
P90X Lean Phase 2 Week 8 Day 6
Workout - P90X Yoga
Mood - Relaxed
Wt - 115.5 (3 days in a row, can you believe it?)
Time of workout - I did 35 minutes
Cals = ?
Moutain pose
Reverse Swan
Minata Plank
Downward Dog
Runners Pose
Cresent Pose
Warrior 1, 2 and 3
I got 81/2 hrs sleep last night so I felt really good and clear minded for this workout. One more workout and I will be on Phase 3 I can hardly believe it.
Off to get the Rockstar Body........

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  1. I love the gambling analogy & really realizing that my body is my temple..the only body I get for my lifetime really encouraged me to take better care of myself. Well, that & raging family history of heart disease!

    As for the cravings, I get them for things here & there but just dont keep "danger" foods in the house. Is that an option for you?