Monday, June 29, 2009

Does P90X Extreme Really Work?

Does P90X Extreme REALLY Work?

Phase 3 P90X - Week 9 Day 3
I wanted to post about my workouts tonight and about my stats since it has been 2 months since I started, plus give some feedback on the 12 cd EXTREME P90X workout program.

I was so exceited to report I broke my body fat barrier AGAIN! Since I started the program I have lost 4.5lbs and almost 3% body fat. Now I am working with a trainer/nutritionist and we have played with some numbers and there is a BODY RESPONDS GOOD TO CARBS! Alright in moderation, but it helped us break some barries and thank you Karen for sticking with me.

I am NOT following the P90X diet, I don't even know it because I bought it off e-bay and it did not come with it. My spark friend Su sent me the pages to follow the program and I thank her as well. Go figure and now I have a beach body site. Also note - I am NOT doing the full program for the full time length. I do try to get in 45 of the 60 minutes but its tough for me. (the yoga is an hour and a half and I have done 1 hour only) If you did the full program time I can imagine (and if it did not KILL YOU) you would loose maybe even more.

I want to also note that I have modified some of the moves, I am a trainer and these moves can be challenging with some of my injuries.

No joke, the P90X EXTREME program WORKS!

No joke, it bores me to PIECES! But I am determined to do the FULL 90 days and reach my goal on my birthday. So if anyone would like to know the moves you can read my blogs, or the notes on my public workouts or ask me. If you like the moves you may like the program. I was told on the last visit I had to my chiropractor, that he is loveing P90X for sending him SO MANY CLIENTS THAT ARE ON THE PROGRAM. Beware, do the moves correct and listen to your body or you can easily get something out of position in your spine.

The warning is: NO back, neck or knee injuries........HELLO T. HAS ALL OF THOSE!

Most of you know I have a love/hate relationship with Tony Horton and I will be happy to tell him that if and when I ever meet him. So just know this, will it work for you.....yes if you stick with it. Could ANY OTHER FULL BODY ALTERNATING DAILY 60 MINUTE WORKOUT ALSO WORK......YES! I rest my case, but I had to see what this program that was written in 2007 that is now so popular in 2009 was all about....and as a trainer to help understand ways to help other do the program and modify it should they need assistance. (Im pretty sure this is why no celebrity endorses this, only grads of this program because it is tough to go the full time and all the moves) But maybe YOU could be the next one?

Here are my results and I am very pleased:
WT - 120
BF - 23.3
BMI - 20.1

6/29/09 WT - 115.5
BF - 20.9 (Can you believe it?)
BMI - 19.8

Week 9 Day 3 Phase 3
P90X Workout - P90X Lean Shoulders & Arms
Mood - GREAT
Wt - 116
Time of workout- 45 mins (still needed to do ab ripper, I did some abs yesterday)
2 sets each 2x15 10lb - Alt shoulder press
2x15 10lb set 2 - In & out bicep curls
2x25 7lb - 2 Arm kick back
2x15 7lb Deep swimmer press
2x15 10lb Supination curls
2x25 Chair dips bent knee
2x20 - 7lb Upright rows
2x16 - 10lb Static arm curls
2x15 - 7lb Flip grip twist back tris

P90X Extreme does really work, if you put the time in and eat correctly.

Off to get the Rockstar Body.......

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  1. LOL! You sound like me when talking about Jillian M.!

    Like you said - if you have what it takes to stick to a program, any program will work for you.

    And yay for finding the balance of carbs you need. You already have the Rockstar body... you're just revealing it bit by bit.