Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ear Stitches Are Out...Watch Out P90X!

Today I feel great...Bring it Tony Horton!

I went to the ear doctor yesterday and got out my stitches (stung a bit) and he said the surgery went well and it looks good and healthy. I found out he grafted some skin from the outside to patch the inside, and went in through the front of my ear instead of behind my ear. He did my other left ear, which he re-built my eardrum in 1995 and I have never had a problem. I had a hole in my right ear from infections, so that is why I got it fixed.

For the next month I have to put these drops in 2 times a day to dissolve the packing that is in the ear, then I will be able to hear. I can sorta hear now, its great and I feel good as far as working out he said I CANT hurt it at all. The only way is if something sharp came in my ear......so P90X I'm back!

5 K run this weekend - ON!

I got home at my regular time even though my appointment was at 3pm, traffic and the prescription took up my extra time. I got home just in time to start dinner.

Great workout today:
Phase 2 Week 6 day 3
P90X Back & Legs

Mood - Rockstar!
Wt - 117.5
Time of workout - 40 Mins
Cals = ?

I did pushups instead of pullups

12 Balance lunges
25 Calve raise squats - 10lb
15 Push ups
25 Super skaters
90 Sec wall squats
20 Wide pushups
15 Back leg lunge 5lb
24 Alt side lunge 5lb
15 Close hand pushup
60 Sec Single leg wall squats - 10 sec alt
20 Dead lift squats 10lb
15 Calve lifts 7lb - I meant to grab the 10lbs lol

5 Weeks till goal date....I have to really kick it up a notch! Thank you all for your support and for viewing my videos. I got 115 hits in one day on my desk workout!

Off to get the Rockstar Body........

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  1. Great job - glad to hear you are back in it!!!