Friday, June 5, 2009

Delicious - I Tried 3 NEW Products

I just got time to tell you about 3 new products that I tried out this week, one was just to be sinfully delicious.....the True Delights so BEWARE!

2 Quaker new products:

The True Delights, I had the raspberry last time, and this time the coconut and honestly I love the coconut with the macadamian nuts, so good. I know 140 cals and its not that "good" for you as far as clean but it is an oat, that taste like a candy bar. For REAL!

Chewy peanut butter protein bar
Now this one, much smaller in size and 110 calories. I am glad they added the extra protein of 5gr but still Southbeach protein bar has 10g for only 30 more calories. I pay usually $3.69 for 6 bars for the Southbeach and these are 8 bars and I paid $2.50 on sale.
But the taste is very good, rich and chewy, and for an "on the run" less expensive bar I still like the product very much for the price value. It's so expensive to eat clean.

Next product is from Boca, I like them better then Morning Star on most products. I like Morning Star chick patties best. For me the flavor and the calories are better on Boca, but its a personal choice. I also like that Boca makes a ground beef too for pasta and stuff like that for cooking.
Savory Mushroom Patty Veggi Boca Burger

g**trans fat
This one was less spicy then some of the other ones, but the flavor was very good. I eat mine with mustard and relish, usually no bread but today I had bread.

Anyway I wanted to share these with you and let you know I enjoyed them and thought you may want to give them a try. Now next week I will try the other new Boca burger Bruschetta Tomato Basil Parmesan Veggie Patty.

Happy tasting.........


  1. that new boca burger looks good! when I buy boca I normally get the "vegan" one. My favorite brand of veggie burger is: the Original Garden Burger.

    good reviews:)

  2. Sound very yummy! I'm afraid once I tried I wouldn't be able to stop!!!