Monday, June 8, 2009

T's 2 NEW Youtube Videos Are Up

Got my 2 new videos up on youtube....FINALLY! The Desk workout & Knee workout, you can view them at my link:

I enjoy helping people in areas that are usually over looked. When your talking about the body, as a trainer, I feel it is important to work out pro-activly on a wellness level.

I did go out and buy 2 new products that I will share once I try them. One is a Southbeach Protein bar and they don't have it on the site yet. The other is the Boca burger I told you about, I can't wait to try that.

I came in burning over 340 cals then expected this week!

Thats good news and I kept my food pretty clean as well. I had a few chips, and skinny cow but my numbers were very good, as I progress each week. I made sure to get in all my snacks this weekend, thats progress. 5 weeks to go to goal date.

Went to swing dance on Friday, that was fun and I really caught right back on I was proud! I did take one picture but never got time to put it up along with the shrimp I made yesterday. I was so proud of myself I never made wilted spinach but it turned out GREAT! So I had to snap a picture, because I always say "its all about the presentation".

Has anyone ever made this before?

I made it with olive oil and garlic and no salt seasoning then I grilled the shrimp on the forman and placed them on top the bed of spinach, it looked so pretty I had to take a picture. I will try to load that up.

Then yesterday I hit some balls at the driving range, and believe it or not I think I am getting my swing back even in 3" heals. I was wearing them from church to the video shoot to the driving range...T. your so CRAZY!

Here are my workouts:

Week 5 was P90x recovery week
From 5/29-6/5 where I did walking, stretch and yoga only. Per doctors orders that I could resume my workouts on Saturday June 6th.
I am not going to list that its too boring.

Workout - P90X Stretch - 30 Minutes
30 Minute walk
30 Minute Swing dance
Cals burned = 232

Week 6 Day 1
Workout - Cardio X
Wt - 118
Time of workout = 50 minutes
Cals = 486 + P90X Cals?
90 Min walking
45 Min mowing grass

Week 6 Day 2
Workout - P90X Shoulders and Arms & Ab Ripper
Wt - 118
Time of workout = 2hrs 5 minutes
Cals = 268 + P90X Cals?

45 Minute 4 mile walk
30 Minutes golf ball hitting at the driving range

Used 8-10lb dumbbells on all moves
8lb on shoulders & triceps
10lb on biceps

Week 6 Day 3
Yoga - I will get this in after work, since I am leaving early for my doctors appt and had to come in at 7am today.

I am hoping to get all the stitches and packing out of my ear today and have wonderful hearing praise the Lord!

Off to get the Rockstar Body...........