Thursday, June 11, 2009

Do You Like Your Life?

Do you like your life?

If not, or you want to make it better, did you know you can change the channel?
What do you watch and what do you listen to?

Its true, what you put in your mind on the channel of either tv, radio or reading is feeding the brain. Whatever you feed the brain the subconscious will work on delivering to you. In the first few minutes you wake up your brain is at an "alpha" state where the mind is at its most learning state. (I wish I had that all day!)

How do you wake up?

It is by music, or a buzzer? If its a buzzer you may consider changing it to music, because it can change your whole day.


Because if you alter your thoughts, you can change your life. Its true, that's part of the reason I don't watch much tv (but I did watch So you think you dance and it was a GREAT show last night) I don't hang out with people that are "not on the same path" as me, and it's why I believe in a vision board and the law of attraction (The secret).

Every good day you have can be repeated.

Just do what you did on that good day, and before you know it, you have a good year. Try it, it CAN work for you.
I'm not saying you won't have life "happen" to you, that's something you may not be able to control. In some cases you just have to let that go, release it because things you worry about, or can't control, are a waste of time. Worry is thinking about something bad that you are trying to predict that will happen and or, re-living a negative thought. Stop it!

I like to think of it as God has a plan for me, I am not sure how it will unfold but if I take care of my temple (my body) feed my brain good food (bible, praise, worship, positive things) learn something everyday, that I will be ready for whatever comes my way and make my life a blessing.

I wake up to music, give praise and gratitude, then I start my day with a workout and I end my day with prayer & gratitude. During the day I focus on what I can learn, and who I can help, and praise. If I encounter something I don't like that is negative, I change the channel, and move on.....its a great feeling.

So be mindful of what your brain food is, and see major changes in your thinking and greatness become from yourself.

Here is my workout today and then just one more week and I am on Phase 3.

Week 6 Day 6 P90X Stretch
Mood = Lovely

Wt = 116.5 - 2 days in a row....what???

Time = 40 Min's

Cals burned = ?

Static Stretches: Neck Back up the car Head rolls Chest, back and shoulder stretch combo Topas Wrist, forearm Back wrist Dreya forearm stretch Arm circles Shoulder tris
Ballistic stretches Shake outs Hug yourself high-low

Static Stretches: Reaches Back/front stroke Side stretch Roller Seated spinal stretch Cat stretch Glute stretch - I did this hand behind hamstring not knee Wide feet forward bend - I did this arms closed Triangle Camel - YES I did this one today....GO T.

Off to get the Rockstar Body.......

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  1. Amen sistah!!! Change your mind - change the world!

    Of the few things in the world that you can control, your mind is the most powerful tool! If you're in a good 'head space' everything else follows.