Friday, November 5, 2010

Why Me?

Oh I can find every excuse in the world to have a "ME pity party" but its not going to work.

Why me when:

I will and can get focused - because I love myself enough to take care of the body God gave me

I can stop excuses - really are they valid, nope!

I will find ways to encourage myself - find 1 good thing, its not hard (my feet)

I won't let others de-rail me - nope, going to stick with my plan of action

I have spunk - somedays more then others

I may have to push myself - yup, my own GO button

I will have to motivate myself - no one can do this for me

I can create a good environment to do good - color I love color

I won't let time get away from me - if I make it important I will do it

I will try new things - I won't fear the unknown

Why me? well......why not me, I'm the only ME God made like this "a one of a kind" so I may as well honor him and do the best I can with ME.

Today's stats:

Wt = 124

BF% 24 *sigh - really those pumpkin muffy tops are killing me, STOP the sugar madness!

BMI 20.7

Last night Yoga was wonderful, after Kettlebell I was so sore. Yesterdays calore burn total was 233.

I also got 2 orders to make shirts and socks at Yoga class so I will take pics and blog about that. Its so fun and if I can make extra money even better :-) Oh I will start my boxing clients week after next - the 15th placing the add on the 12th.

Did you know Cornish Hens are chucked full of protein? 24 grams I think I will be making more of them this month. (got a pic too need to load up)

Cals 175 (baked with a tad of olive oil)

Workout tonight - Zumba


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