Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Just a Slacker Week?

My Yoga teacher and first Heavy Bag client, Linda Jones CYT

This week, even though it is only Wednesday is making me feel like a slacker. Why?

I took an extra day off.

Well I did this for 2 reasons, one my back has been bothering me and the thought of swinging a kettlebell yesterday was just not something I felt I wanted to do.

Plus, I would have walked at lunch but I have been out searching for more socks to make.

Today I have to get more socks, as the holiday approaches I am selling them faster then I can keep up. So even though that is a good thing the ones I really like are hard to find.

Tonight is my first client for Boxing. I can't wait, even though its my Yoga teacher I don't care I just am so PUMPED up! And so is she, thank goodness.

Her daughter has been making fun of her the way she stands to pretend to jab so I can't wait to work on her form. She lives downtown and she needs to know how to BAM someone good lol.

Just a reminder, always do a warm up of about 7-9 minutes before any exercise. Especially if it is early morning and your muscles are cold, now if you have been up and moving about you can shorten that a bit but listen to your body on this and take the time to do it to avoid injury.

Workout - Cardio Zumba
Mood - Sexy
Wt - 123
Time of workout - 20 min Express w/Beto
Cals burned 50

Zumba party 20 minute Express - I finally feel like I am getting better at some of the moves ;-)
Tonight - Teach boxing one on one should burn a few calories.

I totally want to make this recipe I love pumpkin and pasta!
It looks easy and I think de-lish

I forgot to load my pictures up from my last food recipe, maybe by the weekend? I have NO idea why time is going so fast these days.

Or is it just me???


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