Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Turkey Talk

Happy Thanksgiving all!

I know I am early, but I have NO intention on being online over the holiday.....I am on a computer, iPad vacation!

My workout = 20 minute Zumba Express

It is raining here in STL so I had to get up early and get things ready to go since traffic would also be a bear *sigh. Thank God it was not that bad and I made it just when I wanted to at 7.45am.

I made my apple salad with almonds and low fat cheese for our Thanksgiving feast here at the office. Someone had to make something good for you right? There were already 4 pies back there, meatballs cooking and nacho cheese and chips ready to go...our warehouse guys and drivers start at 4am.

Good news is I am off for the next 4 days, yippee!

Check out my schedule:

Tonight I train a new client, and I am super happy to help her change her life as she has 2 kids and one is a special needs.

Thursday, Happy Thanksgiving! I plan to workout at home and relax with some flavored coffee. Make some socks, to drop off and be non-rushed. Then I will be heading for the Turkey Feast. (Again bringing the same salad with apples, almonds and low fat cheese).

Friday Yoga at 9.30am then work on my house with Christmas decorations and what not.

Saturday the long awaited 9.30am -11.30am Wall Yoga with straps, should be a new fun challenge.
Then at noon its off to a NEW Kettlebell Studio to do an interview, workout demo and take some pictures.

Wonder how sore I am going to be after all this *yikes

Sunday will be church and then chill. (yes chill, but that does NOT mean skip my workout)

Will I get any turkey left overs? Don't know, but I am hoping to get at least enough for a sandwich as I love turkey. I'm sure there will be lots of talking, eating and fun had by all.

What is your thanksgiving going to be like?
Give me your turkey talk........

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