Monday, November 22, 2010

Weekend Mish-Mash Workouts

I got so much done this weekend, I am super proud of T. I got another client, plus my Boxing flyer up at the Yoga studio.

Outside holiday lights up, and got things moved ready to decorate for the holiday.

Sure I wanted to hit the gym, but that just did not happen this weekend and today I am working early shift to go back to the ear doctor for a hearing test. I just want the PARTY OUT OF MY HEAD.

I made Rachel Macs eggs and oats but put them in a pancake, topped with the homemade apple pumpkin butter I created and a drizzle of honey. D-LISH.

Saturday workout:
10 min Zumba warm up
30 min Shred with weights Level 1
1 hour Yoga class

Jillian Michael's Shred w/Weights 12lb Kettlebell

Workout - Shred Kettlebells Level 1 & Yoga Class & Zumba
Mood - Ampd
Wt - 124
Time of workout - 1hr 40 mins
Cals burned = 312

Shred with Kettlebells
Arm swings
Pass kettlebell at waist level - R & L
Pass Kettelbell at head level - R & L
Twist hold in front

Repeat 2 times (first R then L)
Bridge w/shoulder press & leg lift
Swings front - 20
Squat w/front row - 20

Repeat 2 times (first R then L)
Front swings w/switching arms
Lunge w/back row

Crunch holding kettlebell at core
Triangle w/over head snap press
3 way hop holding bell at chest
Laydown get up holding kettlebell
Full swings w/head between legs

Hatha Yoga Class - 1 hour

Sunday workout:
45 min power walk
Cals burned = 151


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