Thursday, November 11, 2010

Growth Charts by GrowthArt a keepsake memory

A friend of mine makes these fabulous Growth Charts
Talk about a one-of-a-kind gift these are hand made and can be passed down from generation to generation.
Hand painted and designed they are ready to take your holiday orders, and they can even make special orders so contact Brian and he will be happy to work with you.

I found this blog from Sparkler TESENISIS1 and I think it is very interesting, as you all know how much I love cinnamon and honey together on my eggs-n-oats from Rachel_Mac

Let me know your thoughts......didn't know how good this was for the body:

Yesterdays workout ended up being a calorie burn of 195 not too bad and I feel great today about that and had a pretty good meal day.

1 cheat = pumpkin bread I made, 1 slice + 1 cup skim

Unfortunately I had a "toss and turn" night, I was restless and I did not sleep well from 4am on so I only did my Zumba this morning.

Good new, no traffic!

Thank you all Veterans for all you do, will do and have done for us and our country I salute you!

Here is my workout:
Workout - Cardio = Zumba & Yoga Class
Mood - Restless
Time of workout - 10 Zumba 1hr Yoga = 1hr 10 min
Cals burned = 50 + 137 = 187

10 Min Zumba w/Beto
1 hr Yoga Core Class tonight

We still have fabulous weather so I will walk again at lunch today.


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