Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Shred it with Kettlebells Level 2

My workout yesterday after my 1 mile run and 2 mile walk ended up being a 305 calorie burn.

Today I plan to walk since tomorrow I will do step or legs. My plan is alternating strength training (Kettlebell, Boxing, Yoga) with cardio (Zumba, Running, Walking, Elliptical) Depending on the day of the week AND if I am training at the gym or at home.

Sounds confusing but it's not the only mix may be a double = ST in the am and a cardio at lunch. Splits give me better fat burning results. Meanwhile, Bible study went great and the pumpkin bread I made was a hit (no added sugar)

I found this great food site on the back of the Libbys Pie label and its a great site I am going to try some of the recipes.

Today's Workout:

Shred w/Kettlebell Level 2 & Zumba Party Mix
Wt - 123
Time of workout = 15 JM K-2 + 15 Zumba = 30 mins
Cal burned = 100

Zumba Cardio Party Workout 3 sessions
JM Shred with weights Kettlebell workout (I use a 12lb Kettlebell)

Figure 8
Jack w/press
Lunge back
Toe taps - 30
Hip thrust - 12

Repeat 2 times:
Rock n roll up -12
Back lunge w/press -15
Leg up halo - 2x10

Repeat 2 times:
XJacks w/at chest - 25
Plank rows - 15
Swings w/dives -25
Plyo swings w/3 way walk - 25

Repeat 2 times:
Squat w/shoulder press
Rotating swings (Heros)
Inverted grip pushups - 15 (these are super odd)
Punch swings w/1 arm out

Crunch twist w/kettlebell at chest


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