Monday, November 8, 2010

Lat Pull Down with My Twist

I had a great weekend and enjoyed my extra hour of SLEEP!

My workouts felt great, and I also ate much better then usual. (no processed foods)

I went to a restaurant near my work for lunch on Saturday its called Viviano's and they were having a 7 year anniversary party.

Samples were cheese, wine and pasta.

I tried the squash ravioli pasta in olive oil. OMG they are going to carry this on the menu starting tomorrow. D-lish! I had just a salad with some meats, salami, and ham and fresh olive oil and pepper.

I did get 2 recipes, one for a roll up the other for celery with cranberry and cream cheese. (try to post later I forgot to bring them to work)

Here are my workouts, and our weather was very motivating!!!

Looking for great core and multi workout? Try this move I invented (I love to create new moves from machines) at the gym:

If you have a cable lat pull down machine pull in your core and lay flat (with both cables in your hands). Don't go too heavy here, 20-40lb only if you have a strong back.
Lay back flat, and bring one cable back to a lay down row squeezing all the way back towards the floor, holding the other mid way at bent elbow position.

This gives you an isometric hold, while working the other arm in a row and doing a pilates core move like on a reformer...sweet!

Try doing 10-15 per side, let me know if you love this move.

1 hour yoga class - right in front of the teacher ;-) eye to eye
45 minute walk

Workout - at the gym
Mood = Great
Time of workout = 1 hr
Cals burned = 498 take that fall fat!!!

10 min warm up elliptical
2x10 each + add 10lb second set:

Laying glute press 55lb, 70lb
Standing glute press 40lb, 50lb
Squat 60lb, 70lb

Lat pull down 40lb, 50lb
Chest fly press 40lb, 50lb
Back row seated 40lb, 50lb
Asst pull up 45lb, 55lb

Back extension 40lb (both sets)
Hyperextension 2x12

20 min Elliptical inclines 10-15 resistance 1-4

Cool down stretches
Downward dog w/ single leg stretch
Runners lunge

Ab pulses w/cable pulls 40lb

Off day

Ha, plus I saw someone doing a lat pull down move like I do yesterday I call them in and outs.....woot woot.


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