Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bob Harper Kettlebell Workout

Has anyone ordered this?

I think this would be so much better then JM, not that I don't like her workout I do. I just think his style of training would be awesome!

I like the fact these bells are contoured but my bell is covered so I think its pretty comfy for me. I have a 12lb but would love to bump up, to maybe a 20lb or 25lb. I do struggle with some of the overhead snatch and press moves but for just swing I think I could do better with heavy.

How do you know when your using the right weight?
The last 2-3 reps should be very challenging
You should be doing no more then 20 reps max (8-10 for size 12-15 for lean)
Dropping down weights work well to fatigue muscles for more reps
Adding weight does well to fatigue muscles for less reps

The whole point of strength training is to fatigue the muscle, if your not doing that you won't get the results.

How do you know you have worked till fatigue?

Your form will get sloppy and it should be very hard for the last 1-2 movements. Plus you will feel it the next day! Oh yes, you will and that's a good thing. Its also why you should not work the same body part every day.

Rest and rebuild.

Kettlebell or Dumbbell doesn't matter. Same principle applies, work it, rest it.

You can strength train a few ways, that depends on how much time you have. You can do a upper body one day, lower the next or a full body and skip. Its a matter of preference.

Me I like upper or lower, that gives my lower body more time to recover for cardio.

My splits are:
Back, arms, shoulders, tris and chest
Legs, glutes, abs

If you have a Bob Harper DVD you like let me know or if you ordered this, looking for a review

No workout today, praise and worship instead.