Monday, November 8, 2010

Food and Fashion Picture Blog

Fun stuff picture blog, enjoy! (My workouts later today)

Cornish hens

Artwork hung in the makeover Fitness Studio

Zumba fashions I made

More Zumba fashions this is a tank, I cut sides and made bows instead of slits

This one got sold this week :-)

Making socks for extra income

Fun crafting, I am selling these 3 styles of socks (the toe-less are great for Yoga)

style 1

style 2

Me getting the highest scrabble word point EVER!

First word of the game......80 points! (cause I got the 50 bonus for using all tiles)

super happy! (sorry I am wearing NO make up here)

Apple tart I turned into Rachels eggs-n-oats

I turned it into a apple eggs-n-oats pancake and it grilled up great with the 2 egg whites

I topped it with pb and a tad of honey, DELISH!

Have a super day!

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