Monday, August 31, 2009

My Jump, Jump Jack Video

I finally got my Jump, jump jack video up... better late then never right?

There are 2 versions and believe me you can add a few of these puppies into your daily workout or through out your day and blast some fat to the curb! I have been teaching these forever and I don't really know if I am the creator or not however I love taking the basic moves and pumping them up! (Ok that's an Governor Arnold quote)

Please feel free to rate it for me.

I had a good weekend, not as productive as I thought but I was good at avoiding some really bad food choices.

Did you know TGIF serves fried green beans? WHAT!?

Its true, and I did try 1 of these without the dipping sauce.

They are called Crispy Green Bean Fries, wonder how many calories are in this once healthy bean gone fat???

If anyone can find the nutritional information on this let me know.

I had to make my own meal at Fridays where we had lunch. Since we had never been there before, they gave us a FREE sample of 2 of Fridays own starter treats. We had the Jack Daniels Chicken Chunks and the Fried Green beans, and I tasted 2 of the beans and had 1/2 of a nugget. Both were good and of course full of fat. So I stuck with my good diet and I ordered "special" since there was nothing healthy that would fit my diet right now.

I ordered:
1 plain grilled chicken breast
Plain side salad w/ vinaigrette on the side for dipping.
2 Waters

Now please note if you ask a place to make you something do it nice and let them know you have certain diet needs and they will do what you want.
Of course they brought it out and I had to send it back because they put some stuff on it, they just could NOT believe someone could order a plain grilled chicken breast. No problem though I just ate my side salad while I waited for the food to be re-prepared.

Other then that, it was back to my diet the rest of day with the exception of a iced mocha from Mc Donald's. I think I did good... but then again, my trainer will maybe not see that so much.

I'm getting used to the oats, mixed with cottage cheese and blueberries now, and that's HUGE! I am starting to see my abs more and I'm sticking at 116.
All good news.

Had some great workouts over the weekend. As a matter of fact I even jumped in and did 30 minutes of the Power Yoga class on Saturday...GO T! Let me tell you how sore my glutes and legs were. I was trying to do the Tree pose and shaking so much I think I was messing with the girl in front of me, throwing her off. I felt bad about that so I finally just did chair pose. Sheesh!

Have you ever been that sore before?

That's a good thing really it is, because it shows that I really taxed out my muscles.

Sunday was my cardio day and got in a steady 35 minutes burning 325 calories and 5500 steps. I was happy with that, and I only changed inclines 2 times. Its hard for me to stay calm but I did, and I stayed at my HR range (Yup, I'm a bit hyper.)

After that cardio session I felt kinda on cloud 9 because I walked passed Jane (she's gay) and said "good morning Jane" and she was checking out my thighs! They must be looking good now, because this girl is R-I-P-P-E-D! She does that tough stair climber like is nothing, and looks like she could compete at a drop of a hat. I think her body fat is at about 9% year round.

Has anyone found a good Greek yogurt?

I tried some the plain and OMG it taste like sour cream! I love that it has 24g of protein and only 4 carbs but holly cow help me with the taste! Anyone have a better flavor or should I get strawberry or what? Instead of throwing it out I used it to make my Green Monsters for the week and even chocolate whey could not cover the bitter taste HELP!

Getting the Rockstar Body.......

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