Tuesday, September 1, 2009

There Is A Shoe God!

Yes there is a shoe God, really.

Thank you all for the comments on my video and with the help of the greek yogurt, I'm so much wiser because of YOU and Sparks! Feel the love K?

Get this I was out of ink for my printer so I went to my local Office Max to get a new supply. Well I was happy that they were having a 20% off sale anything you put in the brown bag. You know those marketing people are so clever! Give you a HUGE great big paper bag and say fill it and get 20% off your whole order, everything you fit in the bag.

Oh, well I only needed one things, so forget filling up that HUGE brown bag with my cashola! Anyway I got my ink and my receipt (you know for a tax write off) and out pops a second receipt. At first I did not even look at it and just stuffed it in my wallet.....again because of those marketing geniuses, I thought it was a survey form. Tell us how were doing and we will give you a PUNEY 10% off, its not even worth the cell phone minutes. Please up this to 15% companies, don't you know we are in a recession. Obviously NOT for big giant companies that's for sure. That's only a buck on $10 which doesn't even pay the gas to come back to the store. Ok, I'm over it....so anyways I headed home with my goodie, and my $3.20 savings.

I got home to file my receipt like a good girl keeping her business in order and B-A-M!

Its a $5 off $25 purchase at Payless Shoes!

Woo woo there is someone watching over T. because as most of you know that read my blog......that's my favorite shoe store!
Who knew?

The shoe Gods knew that's who!

Ever have a cool thing like that happen to you? Get a coupon you could really use and not a product they want you to try? What is that all about anyway?

Here is my workout today:
Wt - 116
Mood - Restless not a good night sleep
Workout - Run after work & Swift Fit Challenge

I'm really seeing my abs pop!

Getting the Rockstar Body......

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  1. I haven't been able to sleep either...I wish I could see my abs pop...lol
    I guess I probably need to change my diet.