Friday, August 7, 2009

Do You Run?

Time to run again

Today was my last P90X workout on the Lean program and I am so glad to be done. Thank you to all that supported me through this, I had some setbacks but still came through the finish line.

I am ready to get back to the gym. I of course have that love/hate relationship with Tony Horton anyway. Of course after you learn the moves you can put it on music with cues....thank goodness.

I plan to post my pics and stats and my input this weekend. I only have a wedding on Saturday so I should have time. You can be the judge if I look any different or not. I also am looking forward to getting back to the gym,I have spent $63 on my MIA membership.

I plan on running more in the fall and there is a 5k next month I could train for. I know I can't beat my 3rd place win on a first race, but I do enjoy the competition. Some days I can just run forever, it just clears my mind and once you kinda push past the pain level you get kinda on an adrenaline high. Really. I think that's why some runners are addicted and try to keep beating records, I am glad I never got addicted. Now chocolate or choc choc that's another story!

Lets see how my knees hold up, its been months since I ran or did the elliptical or stressful cardio.

Do you have problem knees?

I found this site on taping on Catlins Blog at A Healthy Tipping Point, has anyone done this?

I have sleeves I use, but this is even supposed to help heal and at $14 a roll its not a bad price, seems kinda cool. I got mine at Sports Athority
Like this but mine has a whole in the center for the knee cap.

Unfortunately my girlfriend called and said she had to cancel belly dancing so I went for a walk instead, it was nice out. I did get to see SYTYCD and I loved it! I can't wait to find out which one wins, both are talented and it would be hard to decide at this point. They both have adapted to different styles too so that really makes it tough. I of course love girl power so, that would rock!

Time to set some new goals.

How about you?

We are coming into a new season, and can make it whatever we want. Just stay focused and strong and it will happen.

Here is my workout & stats:
Week 13 Day 7 P90X Stretch
Workout - P90X Stretch
Mood - Relaxed
Wt - 116 1/4
Time = 30 Min's
Cals burned = ?

Static Stretches: Neck Back up the car Head rolls Chest, back and shoulder stretch combo Topas Wrist, forearm Back wrist Dreya forearm stretch Arm circles Shoulder tris

Ballistic stretchs Shake outs Hug yourself high-low
Static Stretches: Reaches Back/front stroke Side stretch Roller Seated spinal stretch

Off to get the Rockstar Body.......


  1. Interesting post.
    God bless you.

  2. RE: Knee taping... I just started having some pain in my knee during fast walks/jogs. It seems to help when I do a few stretches that target the hip flexors, IT band/outside of the leg, and glutes/hams. If I do those daily, I have little to no pain... if I don't, well, all bets are off.

    I am hoping that getting new shoes will help for the times I get some pain, but would love to learn how to do the knee taping for those other times. Seems to offer support without having to rely on a brace, ya know?

  3. Quicky update... I took the plunge, got me some tape, made my knee look like a shar pei (see Caitlin's blog for that one ;) last night and amazingly, my knee has been less than tweaky all day. I didn't have the usual first thing out of bed twinge. Tomorrow's walk/run will be the deciding factor of if it's worth it. :)