Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Do You Shake It UP?

I can't wait to shake it up!

Man oh man I am so happy to be done with this program, P90X. Just 2 sessions left. I'm going to do Yoga tomorrow and Stretch on Friday and start my new program on Saturday back at the gym.

I'm still reading the I Dare You book and am 1/2 way through it. I love the messages I am getting from Joyce. Now some of it really hits home with my sister, the whole chapter on L-A-Z-Y! The main message I got last night was Shake it up!

What she was talking about is that we are not meant to get stagnant in our life, we need passion. I have found that when you do the same things all the time its easy to look somewhere else, sometimes not in good places to find it.
Passion or excitement should be part of our lives but not in a bad way.
1. Food
2. Drinks
3. Gaming
4. Affairs
Or whatever pleasure you find, since your not getting it from being bored as all get out. She says you first should be grateful for what you have, and that's true its not always better on the other side. Also that making little changes in your life can help you.
1. Take a new road to work
2. Get out for lunch
3. Exercise
4. Call a friend
5. Try a new hobby
6. Switch your routine around
7. Go on a date with your spouse
Of course we know how this works with the body, you have to shake it up to get it to work harder but what about the spirit? If your doing something you really hate, then maybe you should look for a new approach, or be brave and make a change all together. I feel after doing the same job for 10yrs I try to make it fun by challenging myself to be "perky".
Do you shake things up?
Some of the ways I have recently tried to shake things up is:

1. P90X
2. Belly dancing
3. Learning computer programing
4. Spending more Godly time
5. Switching and trying better foods
6. Camping
7. Quick fire challenge
I'm still a work in progress but I am doing something everyday to keep me moving in the direction of FORWARD. I am still keeping my spirit alive and full of passion as I reach for my dreams and goals.
Here is my workout:

P90X Week 13 Day 7
Workout - Cardio X
Mood - Rockstar
Wt - 117.5
Cals = ?

47 Minutes total workout: Yoga warm up - 15 minutes
Jumping jacks - 50
25 of each:
Hook upper side kicks
Kick front & Back
Ball kick knuckles
Jab, cross, hooks, uppercut
3 Direction kicks
Airborn heisman
Swing kicks
Jump shots
Wide tires
Wacky jacks - 50
Squat cross X
Steam engine -50
Dreya roll -12
Squat runs - 1 minute each side
Banana to superman

Off to get the Rockstar Body...........

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