Thursday, August 6, 2009

Are YOU A BeachBody Coach?

Is anyone a BeachBody Coach or use the BeachBody website?

I am a member, however I am not a coach.

If you are a coach and have any thoughts about it, please let me know. Or are you a member and want to be a coach?

I went to the chiropractor last night and I feel better today, still stiff. You should have heard the noise my goodness I was out of whack! He worked on my shoulder and I think it feels better too so that's a blessing. Gonna have him do that again, its my shoulder at the lateral.

The Supraspinatus, you can find that on this link. is what it says about it.

Rupture of the supraspinatus tendon The supraspinatus runs along the top of the shoulder blade and inserts at the top of the arm (humerus bone). This muscle is used to lift the arm up sideways and is also important in throwing sports as it is the muscle that holds the arm in the shoulder joint when you release what you are throwing. This is why I have trouble with lateral lifts and deep push ups...owie!

I do like this site for information, I even book marked it since its so good.

I'm excited to say that we are going Belly Dancing tonight again and I can't wait. I get to meet my girlfriends friend that is in visiting, she is going with us. I want to wear the fancy wrap too. It was a late night last night and I had to go out of town so I missed SYTYCD I was so disappointed. I got home at 9pm, and I left the house at 7.30am so I was very glad to be home. But by the time I got my lunch made, and showered it was almost 10pm and a 1/2 hour of reading then I could NOT sleep.

I could not get comfy which is normal after an adjustment, I think it was about midnight when I feel asleep and got up at 7am today.

Just 1 more recovery workout and I am an official P90X Grad, and and now its back to the gym. Off to get the Rockstar Body........


  1. I certainly interested in being a member even more so a coach, with just a little more infromation. How do you become a member?

  2. Nancy,
    You can join if you go to my link, if you like what you see I can become your coach so let me know.