Monday, August 24, 2009

Club Fitness

Club Fitness is where I do my workouts.

It has all the normal stuff, weight machines, free weights, cardio section and free classes. I pay a good price, $21 a month and you get to do all the classes you like. The one thing I do not like about it is, that the broken equipment stays out of order too long. Sometimes they have a cardio piece down for like a month, I have called and they did get someone to get back with me which they get extra points for. But still, this club gets lots of volume and its frustrating when its full.

I tried to find out who owns these clubs and have not been able to find out. Or even the person that concepted this, no luck. It does seem they are franchising these out, they even carry Monster Energy drinks in them now. I wonder do they know how bad that stuff is? Why would a health club want to promote that stuff? MONEY I am sure that's the reason, and I am sure Monster energy drinks are very happy to be in there clubs.

They have something called DFS which I still have no idea what that stands for, but they sub out the trainers into the club. Nice, you get all the clients without advertising GO trainers. I'm sure you give up some cash to do so, but what the heck I would think about it. Who carries the insurance, the club?

I wanted to be more productive this weekend, but that girls night out and some biz took all that away. I was going to finish re-building the flower bed the plumbers decided to destroy and then also film my new youtube videos. I was going to get that done on Saturday NOT...but hopefully I will get that done next weekend and posted. Hey Rome wasn't built in a day right?

The weather has been awesome, and my motivation has been a level 10. I got my new program from my trainer Karen and ready to roll. Lets see if I can take this body to the next level.

Here are my weekend workouts:

Wt - 116
45 minute workout
Upper body and cardio

20 min cardio elliptical level 12 resistance 4 w/10 min level 15 resistance 4
overhead jogs, and punches every other minute
3x10 tricep dips - 2 straight leg 1 set bent
3x12 10lb incline db chest press
20 - 20lb bb snatch and press to exhaustion

Back care Stretches - runners, side and hamstring Triangle Downward dog Cat stretch Chaterunga Splits

Wt - 115.5
45 minute workout
Lower body ST workout

I did the elliptical on incline 20 resistance 10 sprinting for 1/2 mile - Tough!
I really worked glutes hard today and feel great! Not a big cal burn this was not a cardio day. I am proud that I did 96 tough steps.

55lb assisted pullups 3x10
30lb standing leg press 3x12 last set 40lb
55lb laying glute press 3x10
30lb reverse fly 3x10
50lb squats 3x10 last set 60lb to burn 14 reps

Off to get the Rockstar Body.....