Sunday, August 2, 2009

Green Monsters


I am so exceited to share this with you all, I came across this on Caitli'ns blog, its from Angela's blog at they are both professional bloggers.

It's called The Green monster movement. Basically its a spinach or kale smoothie to give you natural energy and glow all day long. I had this at 11am today and will see how I feel the rest of the afternoon.

Here are my ingredients:

Along wtih some lovely dahlia flowers I picked yesterday.

My recipe which I kinda adjusted from Caitlins was:

2 cups spinach
1 cup silk natural soy
1 banana
1 tbs of vanilla

It as delish! I drank 1/2 since it made so much I then decided to add 1 scoop of 100% gold standard whey, and call this lunch. Y-U-M!

Of course I would have added pb however I had that on french toast this morning, and too much is just well too much pb!

I have not added up the calories or protein on this yet, but will after I see how I like this. You can find so many varities on the link, or even post your own recipe.

Happy drinking, I mean who can go wrong with a drink thats my favorite color and the color of money....please!

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  1. Yay for green drinks! I have been grossing out co-workers for a couple of months with my purplely-green concoctions... LOL!!!

    I add frozen spinach and greens to my berry & 'nana smoothies for an extra punch and love it!