Friday, August 21, 2009

Westport Playhouse Girls Night Out

Girls Night Out This Saturday, I'm so excited!

This is the musical we will be seeing. I wonder which girl T. is?

Carol who was born to party, blunt Anita who says it like it is, Liza and her 'issues', boring Kate the great designated driver and Sharon, the not-so-angelic angel who just couldn't resist tagging along!

Im pretty sure I am Anita, or I could be a bit of Carol I do like my fun!

Then its dinner at Westport. We have so many good places to eat I am not sure which one we will do.
Ozzys (Ozzy Smith), or Pujols (Albert Pujols) both are Cardinals that have yummy places to eat.

Now its just what to wear? Which cute shoes?

Last night I did a 2 mile run and it was puuuurfect weather, wow. I really pumped up my music player and enjoyed myself, I did an 11 minute mile. I did not really want to push it, but thought I would start training for the 401K that is in September. Its to benefit the firemen and policemen, and its $20 to enter with all getting a t-shirt. Not bad.

I finished the "I Dare You book" and will be talking about that on my next blog. I really enjoyed this book, and it was very inspirational as well. Most of it that hits home is on your success strategy. It's all about purpose and what drives you to do the things you love. I think this is something that so many times causes failure in a fitness or nutrition plan. Myself included, its not so much how bad you want it so to speak its more like how does this effect your purpose?

As an example, you may say you want to be a fitness competitor. Yet is your purpose going to be, eating and doing the things that will give you purpose. So what you make it through the physical training, or you even make it through all the crazy eating and it is very demanding on the body especially at the end. Is it in your purpose to go through the mood swings, deprivation, not to mention giving up your life during the last few weeks just complete this? If your purpose is to become a figure coach, posing coach, or a professional figure competitor then it is your purpose. If it is to prove something to yourself it may not be your purpose, its just a challenge and will you get the joy out of it that will make your life better? I did compete and only did it to understand how the body works, educate myself on what my clients would have to do, and see how mentally strong they would have to be. Very, it is extremely grueling and taxing on the body.

There are other things in the book like your success will come to you when your doing your purpose because it will not seem like work. That's how I feel about fitness, business, helping others and design. Now sorting all this out for my purpose is what I am working on right now. Do you have a list of what you enjoy doing? You know, where time just seems to fly by? If so she says to use that list to find your purpose, and take yourself to the next level. I'm ready to do that, I am ready to take the dare and live my life with purpose and passion and I hope you are too.

Here is my workout:
Off day
Wt - 116
BF% 22.7
BMI 19.9

Off to get the Rockstar Body.......

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