Monday, August 10, 2009

Countdown To Time

Time waits for NO ONE!

Good grief I was going to post my pictures from before and after P90X but I had so much trouble loading them last night I may do that later. Technology!

How your goals are?
Has time been on your side?

If you have some and your tracking where you were with them, to where you want to be, maybe this link may help you. I loaded this on my site to get my butt working in a positive direction and I wanted to share it with you. Its a countdown clock, on the top right side of my blog and you can get one too.

I am finally debt free! Its true, it was my goal at age 47 so that I may start buying more real estate, start my ranch or another business. This has not been easy, and there have been many struggles along the way. But I did it and I am very proud of T.
The link I started tracking my networth on is pretty fun too. Its called Networth IQ and with a few simple entries your up and running. You don't have to give your real name or anything but you can track whatever finanaces you put in to see how you compare to others or even where you stand. Then there is an area to see what others are doing to increase wealth, its pretty cool.
Here is the link to find out your networth:

So I thought, I will start this clock ticking and see if I can't get motivated on making good things happen every day forward. Time waits for no one, so we should take advantage and do what we can each day. I can't believe how old I am, that along freaks me out.

Little things all add up, they really do.

When I was making all those payments that's all I would see, but little by little it happened and the slow and steady won the race. Just like fitness....each day little by little your body is making changes. You just have to stay the course, stay focused and it can happen.

NO matter what you have your mind set on, don't give up just keep plugging away and make it happen. I know that you will able to reach your goals, the clock is ticking so make it count!
Off to get the Rockstar Body........

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