Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Over 40 Is Fabulous!

Over 40 is Fabulous!

Its true, Diane is 49 and I am 47! (some times I can't believe how fast time goes)

Today I got to thinking ...... how do I push myself to the next level?

I mean we look good right? Ok, we don't get carded but just sayin......

Sometimes when your already blessed healthy, and you work hard everyday to maintain a healthy lifestyle you have to dig deep to want more. To NOT be satisfied, to push for better, stronger, healthier, all to avoid ageing and the "old folks home".

It's much cheaper to maintain good health, then to try to get it back.

That's worth repeating so say it out loud....
It's much cheaper to maintain good health, then to try to get it back.

So for anyone that is fighting health issues, keep going its worth it, your worth it. Don't sit down and rust up, push yourself off that couch or chair and make a difference to YOU and your family. I tell people that tell me T. its hard, that you know what, it IS hard... but believe me it will be much harder if you have to have someone changing your bed pan and feeding you pills all day right?

Its the truth, the medical industry has a plan.

It is to get everyone in the world on 5 prescription drugs. Why? Because it makes them lots and lots of money. Oh and do you think they want you cured? Not so much, with you being cured they make NO money. Think about that would you? They are in the Sickness industry, and I am in the Wellness Industry.

Please be proactive about your health and wellness! Reach deep in your soul and fight for a healthy life even if its just baby steps. You can lower your blood pressure, your cholesterol levels, stress levels and just feel better about yourself if you do. Be good to you.

I know we all want instant results, but it just does not work that way. If you don't go through the journey you miss the life.

Getting back to myself yeah I got on a tangent...... for me to reach down, I have to say "I can eat this gross oatmeal with low fat cottage cheese and blueberries...I CAN!" Its going to make a difference this new diet, and while I finally got used to plain oats with apples this is another hurdle yet I must climb to reach a Rockstar Body!

Anyone that is starting at any fitness level, its not going to be easy but you can make changes and I will give you the secret. CONSISTANCY.

There its out, so if you do that it can, and will happen. With anything you do in life, you may take a step back but with consistancy you WILL continue on and then make 2 steps forward.

I'm on a mission to dig down deep and take my body to the next level, it won't be easy but its what I want to do. I am what I think I am, and so are YOU.

Here is my workout today:

Workout Cardio
Mood - Go T!
Wt - 116.5
Time of workout = 35 mins
Cals burned = 300

This was my steady cardio session
25 mins level 10 incline 4
10 mins level 12 incline 4

My legs are really feeling this new workout!

Lunch workout:
Chair Squats
QF = Jumping jacks

Off to get the Rockstar Body.......

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  1. I totally agree that it is much cheaper to maintain health than to get it back.