Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Guest Post: A Two Week Experiment


Surprise! I have a guest post, and its a very interesting one....a two week experiment by Ashlie Bales a freelance writer

It doesn't matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn't matter how smart you are. If it doesn't agree with experiment, it's wrong

How many different diets have you heard about in the last 12 months?  10, 20, 30?  Spend enough time Googling “how to lose weight” and you will see the number of weight “experts” is in the millions.  When we are trying to lose weight we tend to get caught up in an endless cycle of diets and advice that lead us nowhere.  Why do we insist on listening to other people tell us how our body will react when introduced to a new diet or eating habit?  Wouldn’t it be easier to try it for ourselves?

If you have ever called in to talk to the awesome customer service team at you might have heard an oft repeated phrase:  “every person’s body reacts differently”.  We are normally speaking about diet pills when we say this, but the same is true for food and diet.  I know people that can eat some of the worst food on the planet and not gain a pound while others struggle even when seemingly eating healthy.  Every body is different…..

So how do we know what our body needs?

We experiment.  It’s that simple.  You find out exactly how YOU react to different foods rather than having some random person tell you how you will react.  My favorite experiment is the two week test.  You can read all the details here but the big picture plan is that you eliminate all foods that are potentially causing you harm for two weeks (it might be a long two weeks but you can do it!) and then slowly re-introduce them to see how your body reacts.

The results of this experiment can be astonishing.  You might find that you have bad reactions to certain carbs like bread or rice or maybe you have a dairy issue that you never knew about.  The goal of this experiment is to find out which carbs you are intolerant of, which has a negative impact on ALL WEIGHT LOSS GOALS.  Additionally, you will find foods that are detrimental to your energy levels, your mood, and your sleeping habits.

If I told you right now that two weeks from you now you could be on your way to discovering what’s holding you back from burning fat, having endless energy, and sleeping well wouldn’t you jump at that opportunity?  It’s important to remember that this is an experiment and not a lifestyle or even a diet.  Your only goal is to find out what your body does and does not tolerate.  There are no shortcuts or almosts when experimenting, you must follow it to the T.

This experiment could be a defining point in your life where you stop letting food dictate how you feel and more importantly how you look.

Ashlie Bales is a freelance writer who can be found traveling the world or sleeping in on the weekend.  Sometimes both. 

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