Thursday, May 23, 2013

Weight Watchers New GREEK Blueberry Swirl Ice cream

I just bought the NEW ice cream bars from Weight Watchers
Blueberry Swirl
You get a good size serving and 6 bars

These were on sale $2 off so I got them for like $5 bucks.

Are they worth $7?

Creamy, good size all for like 80 cals.
Very filling and satisfying!

I forgot to snap the back of the box but I found this on the calories
My rating = 10
Buy again = Yes, but only on sale since they are NOT sugar free
Last nights Client training:

8 min cardio kickboxing warm up w/3lb db

1 minute intervals - x3
Sandbag cleans to burpees
Mountain climber/plank jack/plank to side plank
Plyo jumps double stack

Decline push ups - 20
... Bicep curl to over head press 15lb db - 15
Sandbag rows - 20
Straight leg dead lifts - 25lb db - 15
Db rows 25lb - 10

Stability ball knee ins - 20
Stability ball v-ups pass - 20
Stability ball at ankles reverse crunch - 20
Stability ball clocks - 20

8 min run = YES my first run since my injury!!!
Cool down stretch

Thanks for reading, blessings T.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the review, I want to buy some now