Thursday, May 2, 2013

Adorable Baby Raccoons

Across from my house there is an open lot where I take Gracie, and way up high in the tree I noticed movement....
Raccoon movement!
There are a few babies

In this really tall tree, at the 1/2 way point where its got that little hole is where they are.
I know they are mean and have rabies but they are ADORABLE babies :-)

I found a rug!
(see Gracie licking the glass table? she's not a weird rescue dog

This bamboo rug at Pier One Imports. On sale too, just $34 bucks and it has a rubber back to it. Making it super duper durable, which is perfect for Gracie.

I love the colors are grey and a creamy tan with the brown border is so nice. I should have taken a closer photo.
Today - 2miles at lunch
CPR - AED training
Thanks for reading........Happy May!

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