Thursday, May 2, 2013

Barbie House May Makeover

I love the look!
This is what I was going for.........
and I am so happy that it turned out even better then I thought.

I really enjoy being home now more then ever.

I wake up and pinch myself because I feel like I am in a lovely hotel.

I picked each piece that I loved, even if it cost me more to to do so I still stayed on a strict budget.

And the comfort is amazing! Low light, bright sunny days it doesn't matter it has a warm feel. Just think it all started with the floors.

It has the best touches of modern without being cold.

And the hunt was great.

The new orange artwork really sets it off

It goes great into the kitchen which is asparagus green lol

I also added more white with this vase and pearl globes

The dining set

Just too cute!

Game night!

and the new added bamboo rug, perfect!

Life is good at the Barbie House in May!

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