Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Spring has Sprung!

Today feels like spring!
Should be near 80 degrees so you know I will be hitting some
lunchtime workout = yay!
I love yellow!
I love the Barbie house, but now I am thinking I need just one more thing.
a reading chair.
I have taped off the spot, and size just as I did the furniture.
Again.....when you have a small space you should try to tape off. Stuff in the showrooms look small until surprise you get them home = huge!
Which means return, which means pain :-(

I pasted the chair in, and I think it looks too large!!!
I know its not perfect but I have to think about it and this chair is only 33' wide.
I could still open my cedar chest but still not sure.
I love this chair!!!! I can already see my legs thrown over the arm lol.

Today is healing day 41
Last night 1 hour Yoga client
Today 2 miles lunch
Thanks for reading, blessings T.

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