Monday, May 6, 2013

Homemade Body Scrub

Gracie had to get her shots on Saturday at the Vetco at Petco.
We had to wait for over 2 hours, I really need to find a vet.
So she got a bone for being a good girl!
And of course loves it on the rug, which is why I got the white bone.

Finally finished the accents in the living room, no really!
Done! :-)

I added the white box and green boxwood balls in the center of the table.
It brings some plant type Green in, and it also covers the cord.
Two things accomplished = yay!

Now almost done in the dining and thinking I want a reading chair.
A big comfy one.
So again I taped out the space.
I always tape out space because the Barbie House is only 580 sq ft and things look so tiny in a furniture store then you get them home and they are a MONSTER size.
Anyway this one is 34x33.5 and I can still move that table by the lamp over some, thinking I may save for this one. for $150.00 ahhh with a cup of joe and my book...
I may never leave the house!!!

I got the best homemade body (leg) scrub from my girlfriend!
It smells amazing and has coconut oil in it.
My legs and feet were so soft, I must get the recipe and share.
I'm sure she got it off pintrest, another one of my loves.

More rain when will it end? Not sure I will get any miles in at lunch but if not its a mall walk.
Thanks for reading!

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