Monday, April 29, 2013

Girls Night Sushi and Fashion!

We had so much fun on our girls night out!
This is after I got home with the orange hair chalk, too cool!

Kinda hard to see but it was cute with the orange jacket I wore (not in the photos)

Before we left.

I had decided to not bring my camera, so she took them on her phone.

First we had Sushi at a place I like near home, d-lish. She wasn't even hungry till I ordered then she ate just as much as me lol.
We went to an event at a local church, about what to wear for your body shape.

It was inspiring and they had desserts small plates very nice and lime water yum!!!

I am a Rectangle, and I talked to the designer and she told me what to wear to flatter my body then said I was already doing that ;-) Yay!

Got a few more accents for the home, this bowl and pearl globes.

And taking back the small art for this art = same price better impact.

I like it with the green kitchen.

I'm still thinking I want something on that table in the center and I think maybe a silver hammered tray would look good.

Gracie, snoozing......

She loves the new floor!!!

I had to laugh how she was snoring.

Tried a cooking class, Indian.

It was fun, and tasty too. Now I feel brave enough to go to an Indian restaurant and order, or at least a buffet.
House of India was suggested.

Today on the way to the office it was super duper its really sunny and nice out.
Can you believe the STL weather?

Thanks for reading!
........oh and full booking of clients this week = yay!

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  1. Glad you had fun on girls night

    I really like the last picture with all the fog, i would frame that