Friday, May 24, 2013

Barbie House (Design Photos)

I got my hair cut by a girl not too good.
Nuff said!
You know when it takes them forever to cut, they don't know how to do the  cut you want. I even had a photo and she said no problem.
Yeah, heard that before......sigh.......
Today on my way to the office I fixed it the best I could.

Added my jacket, from JCP and rocked out the door.

Said bye to sleep head Gracie ;-)

Yesterday at lunch I got this great rabbit pelt at Hobby Lobby.

Matches my cowhide pillow!

And helps make the glass "pop"

$12 bucks and it balances the table

The shape is good, with the cowhide too.....

My aunt gave me this table I painted it white, love it!

So you can see how the texture in the wallpaper works with the texture of the rug, rabbit pelt and cowhide print...... :-)
Happy = perfection!

I tucked one side down over the table to get the right shape

It pulls from the artwork too....

And now the vases don't look lost and the picture frames don't look so out of place or heavy with all that black.

Doing the happy dance in my lovely room.
Have a healthy and safe Memorial Day holiday weekend, thanks for reading!

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