Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Guest Post: Understand the Benefits of Fitness and Healthy eating while Traveling

Lucky us, another fabulous guest post by Mike Manning

Understand the benefits of fitness and healthy eating while traveling and why it can be so important........

Exercising While on the Road

In the past, travelers often have difficulty maintaining their fitness routines while away from home. A lack of equipment could make exercise difficult, and changing scenery serves as a distraction for travelers. However, there are ways travelers can ensure that they get their exercise in while away from home. Here are a few tips to consider:

Exercise as Transportation

One option travelers may wish to consider is looking for a hotel that’s within walking distance of their destinations. Doing so may cost a bit more, but it allows travelers to get their exercise while walking to their destinations instead of taking taxis or other forms of transportation. In addition, hotels in centralized locations often offer the best running or walking paths.

Hotel Amenities

Hotels are often the most convenient places to exercise, and most large hotels now offer gyms. However, travelers will need to investigate prospective hotels before choosing one to ensure that their facilities are appropriate. In addition, many hotels now offer fitness classes and other opportunities for their guests to exercise; inquire about these programs before deciding on a particular hotel.

On my last trip to San Francisco, I made sure to find a hotel that offered a 24-hour gym to work out in. I found a travel review site with a list of the best hotels in San Francisco and all of their amenities. Doing a little research and planning before your trip helps you to stay organized and know exactly what to expect upon arrival.

Airport Exercise

Surprisingly, many airports now offer exercise opportunities for travelers. Those traveling through the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport can take advantage of walking paths that take travelers through one of the nation's best airports. Those traveling through the San Francisco International Airport may wish to spend a few minutes in their Zen rooms, which are great places to meditate or to practice yoga. Even a quick walk through an airport can be a great way to burn off a few calories if you are dealing with flight delays or other inconveniences.

Travel-Friendly Exercise

Fortunately, many forms of exercise are easy to do while away from home. Yoga, for example, requires little space, and yoga students will only need to bring along appropriate clothing. Those who bike regularly may wish to consider walking or running on occasion, as it is easy to walk or run wherever you stay. In addition, there are many body weight exercises that can be done from your hotel room with no need for equipment.

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