Friday, May 10, 2013

Massage Trainer T. Studio Updates

I have been getting lunch time Hydro-massages at Massage Luxe
Love it!
If only I would have had my new eye pillow

I used my handy scarf for an eye cover......sweeeeet!

Last night I decided that Gracie thinks bedtime is 8.30pm.
In the BIG bed.

The new cow printed throw came, its so soft!
I only wish I could have matched my throw pillow.

I searched high and low on the net, and NO luck with a throw that looks like a hyde in grey.
Sigh....but I love The Barbie House with it.

I moved a few things around in the studio.....starting with this collection when you enter.

Then I pulled the balls to the Pilate's area, I like it.

It looks clean and tidy plus its more room in the Yoga area.
Double bonus :-)

Thinking of adding a mat under the bench, just to make ST easier and safer.
Yes? Cost $16

And moving my weight tree to the right side?

Where this a/c copper unit thingy hogs up space.
This could be a weekend project.
Yep, and a workout lol.......

This year its all about floral, and I am so in!

Thanks for reading.

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