Wednesday, May 29, 2013

DIY: Refinish A Wood Desk For $12 Bucks

Just look how great this desk looks now that I gave it some TLC!
It started out like this, and yeah that paint can holding it up on the left is the color of the kitchen...thanks for noticing ;-)
1970's blah.......

Then I decided to get creative and paint the drawers (with the help of my girlfriend)

Paint $7

Paint $4

Drum roll............
as you can see it looks fabulous all together!
Total project = $12

New modern look, and it goes better with the room aye?
OK, the chair still sucks but hey it works.

Yesterday at the office, when I got home before Yoga.
I have been posting some fashion shots so I remember how I put outfits together.

Of course.....Ms. Gracie, in her house ;-)

Last nights workout = 1.5hrs Yoga Flow with meditation
Today's lunch workout = walk -run
Thanks for reading!

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