Thursday, May 16, 2013

Springtime Lots O'Pics

Gracie wants a treat!
Yeah, she is a bit spoiled, heck she is just too darn cute!
.........and she knows the treat jar well.
As a matter of fact she being a white dog is high maintenance!
Sheesh check out all this, plus I have her groomed by Jenny every 7 weeks.
She loves Jenny's dog ;-)

On the way to the office, with my new red hair.
Guess this makes me fiery???
I took a bunch of pictures of my spring flowers before I left here they are enjoy...........

Finally I found the perfect pillow for my dining room new chair!!!
Love it, got it at Pier One Imports and its indoor-outdoor so stains will be a breeze and I love the texture too!

My comfy new reading chair has been a true blessing.
Its just the right size and it was only $99 bucks at Big Lots.
This is Gracie saying what is this???
Sniff.....sniff ;-)
The Barbie House is complete (after the painting of the desk and the studio floor)

Must confess, I had a treat after Yoga with my lovely girlfriend.

and a non-fat latte too!

She is a doll!!! Of course we both love green ;-)

Ok, now that the room office/dining is so FABULOUS I really want to have my desk painted, it needs an updated look.

I want it to look like this:

Not sure if I will keep the gold or silver handles, any thoughts???
Thanks for reading..........Blessing, T.

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