Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Barbie House Dinning

I am super duper happy my dinning table came in from www.Walmart. com
Here is an evening shot with the lights on.......
Compact and retro-modern I love it!

It fits the space nice, the room is 8'x13'
The chairs are padded nice, and are sturdy too. Not sure this would be good if you had kids or a bunch of massive use but for dinner every night and a few game nights..........PERFECTION!

This is the daytime view, and I added a plate so you could get a feel for the size which it is 33x48 and small space friendly.

I put the 4th chair to the side, but I will be adding a small reading chair there I think. I found one again at and it should fit fine. I love walmart on line!
Best. Products. Price.

The slim line is great and I still have room to add the 4th chair against the wall.
Then I found this amazing white glass vase at Pier One Imports on sale for $12 bucks. Yup 12 bucks!
I got the silver bowl and pearl globe balls at Weekends only. Total = $38

Update - Day 35 of my injury
Yoga Flow with Client last night 1 hour = 230 cals burned.
Thanks for reading

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