Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Roses Bloomed

I have still been doing my Fashionista outfits under $100 bucks on Facebook, this is another outfit.
I am wearing another one of the handmade beaded necklaces from the Art Fair on the Square.
Love it.  
Today's smoothie:
Spinach, nanner, OJ, vanilla whey = yum!

No time to pack lunch last night because my Yoga session ran long, so here was lunch:
Rating = 8
I was still hungry so I added a few almonds.

Yoga last night with one of my clients and friends
Diane :-)

Finally my mothers roses bloomed, she would be proud!

I also sprayed them, but with all the darn went bye bye which is why there is all those bug bites in the petals. Sorry mom :-(

It's really 2 planted together which looks really nice.

Tonight's training = Circuit with client
Lunch workout was = 25 min walk
Thanks for reading, blessings!

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