Monday, May 20, 2013

Spa Party and Art Fair

This weekend I went to a Spa Party!
This is my face after using "Botox in a bottle" eye cream.
Yeah I ordered one!
I wish I could have taken a before and after, but I feel like I see some results.
It's called BeautiControl, its owned by Tupperware.
Home parties and the product is:
Extreme Eye Complex - TFF
Tight, Firm and Fill.

These are all the products I already have, so you can see why I only ordered 1 item.
Need to finish all this stuff first..........
Hey if it keeps me younger looking, I am all for it ;-)

This is what I wore t the Art Fair, Art on the Square in Belleville Il.
I love the red shoes with this ;-)

With the necklace I got there.
I actually got 2 more same style = love it!
Big beads, statement necklace yay.....

And the toffee I got yummo!

It was my dessert with a glass of Merlot (or 2)

Local Lucy's they are on facebook.
Great shop, fun stuff and local artist.

My floppy red Cardinal hat.
Who said red doesn't go, if its a STL Cards hat it goes with any fashion!

I was boring Gracie with my fashion photos......
I wouldn't play, yawn!

Another shot of the dress my client gave me because she was tired of it.
It's a bit big, but I made it work!

Saturday - 1hr 15 min Yoga flow and 2 hour walking
Thanks for reading..........

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