Monday, April 11, 2011

Stripped Week 1

I'm getting in the Stripped game with Amy.

I won't actually have all the foods down to a tee this week, but as close as I can. (28 days I am so in!)

This weekend I was out of town for my moms 77th birthday, and I had cake. Period. I never got to finish reading my Clean Eat Stripped book and putting the food list together. So Sunday night late I just went by memory and bought things for this week I could remember, to the tune of $95 and forgot the almond milk......*sigh.

How fun that my sister had her Wii with her, so I decided to see how many things I could do on it and what kind of results I had. I have never done Wii My stats were healthy and so I set my goals for a 10 pound loss but really it was about a body fat loss which I choose 20.

I did the 10 min fun run 1.514 miles

And got 2 perfect scores on: Single leg lift Plank to T stand All that Yoga is paying off lol. I did a few more challenges and ST for a total of 45 mins and really enjoyed it. What I didn't like was its more about being in sinc with the Wii and getting used to the board was hard.

Hello the plank on that board KILLS the elbows! Or I have boney ones lol.

Here are my workouts and this weeks goals:
Zumba 3 x
Yoga 2x

Its Zumba crunch time!

Saturday workouts:
Workout - Yoga and Wii

Time of workout = 100 mins
Cals burned = 398

1 hour Hatha Yoga class 45 min Wii Plus I did every ST move as well

Wii run 10 min = 1.514 mile

Got perfect Bodybuilder on: Single leg lift
Plank to T stand

10 Min Wii

Yoga moves

Forgot my camera, shucks!


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