Friday, April 15, 2011

JM Ripped Week 2 Stripped Day 5

Day 5 of Stripped and I feel really great!

I am sad that my numbers are up, but I am holding strong that the Clean Eat Stripped will get me where I want to go, heck its Tosca!

I had a huge cal burn yesterday with 3 workouts = 630.
Cals in 1820

This morning I did the last part of JM Week 2. I was very sore, because last night there was a new Yoga teacher and she was tough. I wanted to take today off, but NOPE got to get the Bikini Body!!!

Many of these moves are from P90X and I am surprised...SHOCKED!
When I complete it I will list the ones from P90X so if your doing this program you may be ready for P90X.

On my stats, the only big change is nuts in my diet so I will be more careful about using them but I have been weighing them in. Eating only an oz or oz and 1/2 at a time. (So hard to do since I love nuts)

Workout - JM Ripped Week 2 (part 2)
Time of workout = 30 min
Cals burned = 199

Friday stats:
Stripped Day 5 - Sadly up???

WT - 123.5 (+.5)
BF% 25.9 (+ .8)
BMI 21.2 (+.1)

Warm up:
Backward windmills
Alt toe touch both hands w/straight leg lift
Round back with elbow down R & L
Alt squat w/bent leg rotation (or straight leg advanced)
Alt toe touch both hands w/straight leg lift

1 min Abs
Boat crunch
Crawl up leg crunch

3 min ST 12x2
Sumo squat w/overhead tricep dips - 5lb
Single leg w/low row 5lb
Renegade plank row - 5lb

2 min Cardio
Punches high low
High knees

1 min Abs
Crunch w/straight leg touches
Crunch w/leg lift and arm out to side

Cool down:
Shoulder stretch
Tricep stretch hold w/side bend
Arms behind back
Forward bend with toe touches
Standing hamstring stretch


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