Tuesday, April 12, 2011

JM Ripped Week 1 Stripped Day 2

I started this RIPPED workout today and so far I really like it. If you like JM Shred you will like this style workout, and it goes fast.

I used a 5lb and 10lb db and could have used my 15lb for the dead lifts but I was too lazy to run down and get them. I found this week 1 pretty easy, so lets hope they progress to a sweat fest.

WARNING - The only move I did NOT care for was the front loaded move, where you put the db behind your neck and do a forward 1/2 bend. I think she feels it works legs (quads) and core but it was a strain on my back. Tuck your tummy in tight either way.

So if you have any back issues place the db further away from you neck and more toward your back. Meaning you will have to lower your arms/elbows down to get the weight on the top of your back.

Plus I would have rather used my kettlebell for the swings, and will next time.

Workout - JM Ripped Week 1 (3-2-1 workout style)
Time of workout = 20 min
Cals burned = 133

Warm up:
Arm windmills
Military march
Bend forward to squat
Halo w/5lb db
1/2 squat w/knee lift

3 min ST x 2 sets
Push ups -20
Squat w/shoulder press - 5lb db -15
Lunge w/tricep kick back 5lb db - 20

2 min Cardio x 2 sets
Fast feet (like a football drill in turbo jam)

1 min Abs
Low boat

3 min ST x 2 sets
Dead lift w/upright row 10lb db - 15
db kettlebell swing 5lb
Forward bend w/5lb db behind neck

2 min Cardio x 2 sets
Jump scissor switch legs
Forward punches

I did not get the last core move in or cool down.

This is Day 2 of my Stripped and should do better the next few days as I still have not got this to the exact meals so far. Today no sugar at all, and my whey has 1 gram = 2 gram for the 2 scoops I had today and yesterday.

Since this is a no sugar it also includes NO sugar substitutes so bye bye sugar free pudding *sigh


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