Thursday, April 14, 2011

JM Ripped Week 2 Stripped Day 4

DAY 4 Stripped - I have done well with no sugar and snacks but I have got to get over the bloating. So today I left out the avocado to see if that makes a difference. You always go through some change when you change your meals but bloating is one thing I don't care for.

Zumba Zin 32 last night was fun and HARD! Oh my that was a bunch of new moves and I don't really have the old ones down that great. But I sure worked up a sweat and I love many of the arm movements.

Green Monster:
1 c spinach
2 scoops cookies and cream whey
2 c water
1 full banana

Here is my workout today so far and will try to finish after work, Yoga class at 6.30pm. I am seeing MANY of the P90X moves in this workout, and decided to just do each week as a workout.

There are 4 weeks total to equal the 30 day series. Since I want to reveiw this, I am doing it this way. So far I give it an 8.

Workout - JM Ripped Week 2
Time of workout = 30 min
Cals burned = 199

Warm up:
Backward windmills
Alt toe touch both hands w/straight leg lift
Round back with elbow down R & L
Alt squat w/bent leg rotation (or straight leg advanced)
Alt toe touch both hands w/straight leg lift

3 min ST 12x2
Crescent lunge w/row 10lb
Pendulum lunge w/back press 5lb
Laying bridge single leg lift w/chest press

2 min Cardio
Combo planks jacks to mt climbers to plank jacks

1 min Abs
Straight leg crunch touch opp leg

3 min ST 12x2
Slide lunges w/leg lift
Staff pose to table top
Spider push ups

2 min Cardio
Jump rope w/kick outs
Squat thrust
Jump rope w/kick outs


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