Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Stripped Diet Day 10

I'm starting to feel great, no more bloating so I feel my body is getting used to this Stripped Diet. It calls for no bread or dairy and I had 1 small low carb wrap and a handful of popcorn with a smidgen of cheesecake.

Friday stats will tell.

This is great improvement for me, but this week is going to be even better as the temptations of sweets are going away. I want to thank Carolyn for reminding me no fruit after noon, which is after work for me.

I stuck as close as I could to the meals last night and today, but since I did not have brussel sprouts I subbed in broccoli for dinner yum.

This morning I finished week 3 of JM Ripped and I am starting to feel like its RIPPED OFF right from P90X. There are many of the same moves and when I do week 4 I will lay it all out. Sorry JM but that's how I feel.

For those of you that want to try P90X but feel intimated or that they are too long, this is going to be the perfect workout for you. I will have my full review by the weekend.

Tonight Zumba, nuff said.
Guitar practice, zero this week (will bring to work tomorrow to have tuned)

Workout - JM Ripped Week 3 (part 2)
Time of workout = 20 min
Cals burned = 133

Warm up:
Sledge hammer w/5lb db
R & L Bending stretch switch left leg back touch floor then forward bring leg up to chest
R & L Lunge w/twist

3 min ST
Bear crawls (lift knees while crawling)
Frog leg crawl
Squat w/back row w/opposite palm lifted one up one down

2 min Cardio
Squat jacks
Twist jumps
Low jacks (P90X)

1 min Abs
Twisted planks - knees to elbows
Plank pikes - jump to pike from a plank

3 min ST - x 2
Single leg w/reverse fly - 12
Single leg squat w/corkscrew curl - 12
Roll w/reverse crunch (P90X)

2 min cardio
Jump squats (P90X)
Run stands - stay in lunge move arms like running as fast as possible (P90X)

1 min Abs
Straight leg V crunch w/db
Opposite straight leg / straight arm oblique w/db

3 min ST
Pike push up (P90X)
Side oblique lift (P90X)
Tabletop w/leg lift

2 min Cardio
Switch lunge jumps
Single leg hops forward then to side (P90X)

1 min Abs
Staff pose lift
Boat crunches

Cool down:
Shoulder stretch
Tricep strech hold w/side bend
Arms behind back
Forward bend with toe touches
Standing hamstring stretch


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