Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wacky Workout

My poor little MINI has been "coughing" for a while and today its little check engine light came on.

Enter service = bye bye money

I love my Cooper and it is not like I did not know this was coming I was going to have it serviced this month anyway. However I was heading out of town on Thursday so I thought, better safe then sorry.

Enter BMW Bimmers R Us service center.

Luckily they said they can send someone out to pick up the car for today and hopefully have it back by 5pm in time for me to go home from work.

Todays workout will be a jog around the parking lot at the office, its not fun but it will work. I have headset and shoes beside me at my desk.

Just counting the days till vacation (1 more), going to visit my mom and my sister in from Oklahoma. Tonight is bible study and I hope to get some rest afterwards because I did not sleep well last night.

Ever have a night when you can't sleep then get a song in your head?

Yes from 3am-4:15am this morning I could just keep hearing "everyone sing.......everyone sing" I was like NO everyone SLEEP!

This week is going to be a mish-mash of wacky workouts NO yoga class or P90X completion. I guess I can call this a cardio running week because can't get the rest of my program in.

Here is the workout plan:

Monday - P90X + run = 3.5 miles done
Tuesday - run = 3 miles
Wednesday - P90X (strenght training)
Thursday - P90X
Friday - 0
Saturday - 0
Sunday - P90X + Zumba
Monday - P90X + Gym

This will put me 2 days behind on the completion of the Round 3 but I am certain I can get in the rest on Sunday or Monday.


I love this Christian radio station

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